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Credit: Niantic

It’s Valentine’s Day inPokémon GOas well as in the real world, though we all know which one I’m more excited about. As is tradition, that means we’re now flooded with pink Pokemon, from Milotic to Flaafy, Slowpoke and more. This would actually be the second color-themed major event in a row, right after the red theme from Lunar new Year. But that’s not all: we’ve also got some new creatures to round out the Pokédex. Both of which are pink, of course.

First up is Audino, the hearing Pokémon. It’s a quite strange-looking little thing if a little bit charming. It does not evolve, so you only need to get one in order to keep up with your Sinnoh Pokédex. It can use its ears as radar, and those little feeler things can be used as stethoscopes.

And then we’ve got Alomomola, a fish sort of thing. It looks a little bit like a Luvdisc evolution, though it’s an entirely separate Pokémon. Like Audino, it does not evolve. It’s capable of healing other Pokémon with a special membrane.

Both of these are listed as “rare” in Niantic’s official event description, though it’ snot clear quite how rare they are. I can see one Alomomola on my nearby right now, so I hope it’s not so rare that this is a fluke and I’m missing it by sitting here and writing this article. They’ll also both be available in 7km eggs, though again they’ll be quite rare.

Both Pokémon will be available after the event ends, but historically speaking these things can get quite rare, so you’re best off getting it now, especially if you don’t want to shell out too much for incubators.

If it’s anything like Litwick during Halloween, these will be difficult to find but not impossible: the fact that you don’t need to evolve them is a real boon, because it means you can take full advantage of nearby tracking and not have to search for them normally after you’ve already caught one. I’ve still got that little thing hanging out on my nearby, so I guess I’ll go get it.